by Mikenzie, Catherine, and Leanne

Zentangle drawing is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create magnificent pictures by drawing beautiful patterns. The zentangle drawing is a free-hand drawing style that can make you relaxed and more focused. It’s a very calming art that can make magnificent pieces of art. zentangleart

Interviewing: What the zentangle class says is that they mostly listen to calming music, draw, and talk about what they are drawing and how you can do it. They are recently creating a drawing with their name, date they graduate, and the school’s name MVMS. The teacher sometimes shows videos on how to do the art or the project, then she lets them usually start drawing free- handedly.

“Mrs. Foley’s class of zentangle is really fun”, Jamie says, “it can be a little slow but for the most part if you get into the zone then it can be really fun and even a little challenging.”

IMG_0538“We are starting on a project”, Jamie states, “the teacher gives us an idea or shows us a picture of what we are drawing and then we just go out and work”.

Some people don’t enjoy zentangle as much as they wanted to, but from my point of view it looks very interesting and creative. Zentangle can express on who you are and how you react with your art.