Mrs. Swayne’s Drama Class by Hailey and Emmalee

On 9/28/15 we interviewed Mrs. Swayne’s Drama class to see what fun things they were doing this week. They are rewriting some traditional plays and scenes such as Hansel and Gretel, Captain Hook and Peter Pan.  They have to recreate the scenes with an antagonist and a protagonist. The antagonist will be arguing and putting their point of view and explaining why everyone else’s point of view is wrong. And the protagonist will be trying to input their opinion. They will also be performing and acting these out after they are finished making them. They will not be performing in front of the school, just their classroom. Last week, they built sets from traditional movies/plays and made the sets with a twist.  dramaset

Interview of Drama Students

  1. Are you looking forward to this class and why? Tj V says… “Yes. Because drama is fun.”
  2. Do you have any experience with drama? Corin H says… “No.”
  3. Do you like performing in front of people. Corin H says…“Yes”
  4. Why did you take drama? Corin  H says…”Thought it would be fun to improve speaking skills.”
  5. What three words express your feeling about this class? David C says… “fine, happy and joyful.”dramadavid