Here’s another fantastic weather report brought to you by our Wacky Weather girls(including an appearance of a new team member), along with an interview done by Katie S on the behind the scenes process!


Do you think your videos are widely watched?

“No. But we can’t really tell who views it” says reporter Kierra L.

How many takes does it typically take to film one episode?

“Around 8 takes” says director Kaitlyn P.

What software do you use for the background sounds and music?


Do you think people like your videos?

Yes. We think most people do.

Do you do any research for your reports or do you just make them up?

Yes. We search the weather on the internet and we also look up facts for our intros.

Do you like being a Wacky Weather girl?

“Yes. Though it does have its perks.” replies Kaitlyn P.

Kaitlyn: Do you like not being the reporter but the filmer?

“Yeah I’m not much of an actor.” Kaitlyn says.

Keirra: Do you like being the reporter and not the filmer?

“Yes. I suck with technology. I can’t even work a regular iPhone camera.” Kierra replies.

Is it a lot of work to make one episode?

“Yeah it is. We have a script we write but we don’t even use most of the content in it. Plus we have to edit it” reply the girls.