By Solie and Mercedes

Many children are consuming their time to use or watch electronics, and many kinds like, the Wii, Xbox, Playstation, TV, or, the most common, and particularly used, a phone. Phones were first created to keep people in contact. But they got more intelligent and got things like games and other tasks for the phone to handle. A most common argument has been, should phones be in school? There are many others that think phones should not be in school, but another group may think otherwise. Let’s see.

My personal opinion on this troubled feud is that phones may be useful or a distraction. Why, do you ask? Well let me explain it to you. If you go on the bus and you missed it, it would be good to have your phone to call a guardian to come and pick you up. But it could also be bad if you didn’t pay attention and goof off and get a bad grade. But it isn’t just my opinion that matters, everyone’s do. That is why I asked some other students and teachers for further information.

Phones can be very helpful in class. Teachers don’t have to use computers or chrome books. A 7th grader, Jaimin G, says this,”They should have phones in class because they can listen to nice music that could relax you.”

Phones can also be bad for class. Kids could play games in secret, or text their friends. “Phones in class could be distracting for students.” says Sophia G, a 6th grader here at MV. The librarian, Mrs. Jin, also agrees with her, saying that they could be “using it in class while they should be paying attention.”

I believe that we can have phones in class if monitored by the teachers and the privilege should be given to certain students.

Well, that wraps it all up! Phones may forever be an undecided mystery.