By Solie H

A very scary halloween is coming! It’s where you dress up in scary costumes. It’s where you decorate your house  with spooky decorations. For crying out loud, it’s where you get free candy! So get out there and trick-or-treat!

The weather for halloween isn’t looking to good. According to The Farmer’s Almanac, there is possible showers on this festive night. Also, The Weather Channel says that it will be about 68 degrees fahrenheit.

Moms looking for halloween costumes for the year? Here is a list of stores with great halloween costumes!

  • Fred Myers
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Sears
  • Kohl’s

Worrying about how to decorate your house? Here’s some Halloween decoration ideas!

  1. tee pee your tree(make sure it’s yours)!
  1. Put some manikins of skeletons or zombies!
  2. put fake cob-web on your fence or bushes!
  3. put some old-fashioned jack o’lanterns!
  4. put some  spiders hanging from the ceiling!

These are a few tips to make your Halloween a success! So go get candy for trick or treaters, visit your local pumpkin patch, and go around your neighborhood and rap on those doors! Have a happy Halloween!

Found your halloween costume yet?

Here’s the top 5 halloween costumes for 2015, make your vote of which one is the best for this year.

By Sophia G



#2 minion costume

#3 superman

#4 bunny costume


#5 witch costume