Enjoy these short stories submitted by your fellow students!

Banana by Abby B

“Dude, I don’t think this is such a good idea. What if we get caught?” Bob whispered nervously. “Don’t worry man, we’re not getting caught. Everyone will love it. We’ll be heroes!” Mac answered with a crazy gleam in his eye. Mac put up the last speaker. “Done!” he whispered shouted triumphantly. Bob and Mac stepped back to admire their work. “Come on Mac, let’s get out of here before we get caught.” Bob said as he got his helmet on. Mac and Bob sped away from the school.


School the next morning


“Ugh, I hate Mondays.” Addy grumbled. Her hair was a mess and she just threw on some jeans and her comfortable sweatshirt. This was Addy’s default mode. Kayla nodded her head. “Same” she and Caitlin said at the same time. Caitlin and Kayla looked at each other and laughed. Addy rolled her eyes at them. Like all Mondays, she was in a bad mood. “I can’t wait to see what Mac and Bob did to the school last night. Bob texted me and said they were busy making the best prank in all of history.” Kayla said. “Mac texted me the same thing.” Caitlin said. Addy stared at them grouchily, “ You could’ve texted me that.” she said angrily. “Sorry” Kayla replied. The three girls walked on, almost to the school. When they arrived they heard music blasting all around and confetti everywhere. Celebrate good times come on! the music played.  The girls looked to the right and saw fuming Mr. Johnson talking to two police officers and pointing to the roof. The girls looked up where he was pointing. Addy gasped and Kayla laughed. Caitlin just stood there, frozen with shock. This was way more excessive than she thought Mac and Bob could do. How did they get it up there? This is vandalism. They could get in serious trouble for this. I know they did it. I could get in serious trouble for knowing. They shouldn’t have done this, she thought. Mac and Bob ran over with looks of pure happiness and triumph across their faces. “So…” Bob said with great anticipation in his voice. “ Its awesome! I can’t believe you guys did this!” “ How could you two! Do you guys know how much trouble you could be in?!”car

“How did you do it? Did you use like a crane or something? How’d you get the crane?” They all spoke at the same time. “I know right!” Mac replied.  “Sorry”  Bob replied. “Magic” they both said. Little did Mac, Bob, Kayla, Caitlin, and Addy know, that the whole time they were talking, the police and Mr. Johnson we’re listening.

To be continued…

Scream Out by Alexis Crackel

Once there was a boy. He was always alone. His name was Damon and he was in middle school. He was average height and he had electric blue eyes. He always wore black. Black shirts, black skinny jeans, and black combat boots, and he was skinny. He had no friends and nobody was nice to him. He was teased by people and he was depressed.

One day, there was this girl that was new to the school. She didn’t know anybody and she took a liking to Damon. Her name was Charlotte. Over time they became best friends. Every once in awhile, she would get teased about being friends with Damon, but she didn’t care. She was strong and she would tell the people that they need to back off and go pick on someone their own size.

Well eventually, she got cornered and they started to get physical with her. They started to fight her and she did her best to fight them off, but they beat her and she was all bruised up and had cuts all over her and was very bloody. They told her not to mess with them or next time they won’t hold back.

She told nobody that happened and it ate at her. She felt terrible and she wanted to tell Damon, but she wasn’t ready. A few weeks later, she was cornered again and this time they abused her emotions. She had it and that night she snuck out of her house and went to her middle school. She climbed up to the roof crying and walked up to the edge. Then she took a step forward and fell off the roof.

What she didn’t know was that Damon was following her and saw her fall off. He ran as fast as he could and made it just in time. He caught her and sat down, cradling her in his arms. She was bawling and after the crying died down, he asked he what was wrong. She told him everything and he sat there listening the whole time. After she was done talking, they just sat there for a while. Then they got up and he took her home and waited until she was inside.
The next day she was called too the office. When she got there, she saw Damon sitting in one of the chairs. The principal called her back and asked her what she was doing last night. She told Principal Hicks the story from the beginning. The kids that were making fun of her and they got suspended for a few weeks. After that, she never tried anything again.