By Kimyle T

Here are some stories of the week.

“What is your favorite memory with your friends?” -Kimyle

“Hanging out with my friend Kimyle everyday!” -Mikenzie P

“My birthday parties are the best with my friends” -Halle H

“Maggie and I were hanging out and we were doing all sorts of fun things, then we decided to impersonate how animals eat their food and Maggie was doing the whale part and hurt her back” -Maddie M


“What is your most embarrassing moment?” -Kimyle

“I was sitting down in one of my kitchen chairs then I somehow fell over” -Abcd F


“I was carrying milk in Fred Meyers and I was also wearing flip flops and I tripped and I flung the milk into the air and everyone was looking at me” -Maggie W
“I was riding a skateboard and I hit a rock and fell off by flipping a couple of times then I stopped and my friend was just laughing at me the whole time” -Anonymous
“In third grade I was doing flips on the gymnastics bars and I fell on my face” -Amanda G
“Meagan, her sister, and I were at the store and Meagan was doing the splits and so I was helping her up and I slipped and fell down with her and we were just laughing on the floor…. I’m pretty sure a couple people thought we were crazy” -Catelyn S
“In third grade I walked around in class all day not realizing everyone could see my underwear” -Dade B
Those are the stories of the week.