By:Claire R and Jennifer G

    Thinking about maybe joining band? Or just wondering what the band kids are up to? Well, the Jazz Band and Beginning Band have a concert on December 8th, plus the Advanced and Intermediate bands have a concert on the 10th. We are going to interview a few people in Beginning Band and Jazz Band. The concert is a winter concert so some of the kids, if they want, will be wearing festive hats.


    Q: How long have you been playing your instrument?

    A:”I’ve played my flute since September.”-Chloe.M

      “I’ve played my clarinet since the beginning of the year.”- Isabella.C

      “I’ve been playing flute for two and a half years.”-Rafael

      “Two and a half years of playing clarinet.”-Emme

    Q:What is your favorite song that your band played?

      ”Nutcracker.”- Isabella.C

      “Holiday sing along.”-Emme



    Q:How did your band do?




      “I think the band did pretty good.”-Emme



    Q:How was the playing at the concert?

    A:”The Jazz Band was amazing”-Chloe.M

      “The Jazz Band was wonderful”- Isabella.C

      “The beginning band improved.”-Rafael

      “Pretty awesome.”-Emme

    Beginning Band Questions

    Q: Do you think you improved from last time you played and how?

A:”Yes. There was articulation.”-Chloe.M

  “Yes. We learned dynamics.”-Isabella.C


    Q:Do you want to continue playing throughout middle school and why?

    A:“Yes,because it’s fun and I like Mrs.Fraser.-Chloe

      “Yes, because it’s fun.”-Isabella.Collins

    Q:What’s been the hardest part so far?

    A:”I had trouble with my high notes F and G.”-Chloe.M

     “I had trouble with switching between my low notes

A and B.”-Isabella Collins


Jazz Band

    Q: Do you want to play through high school and why?

    A:”Yes because I enjoy it.”

      “Yes because i always wanted to play in band.”-Emme


    Q:What was hardest thing for you in beginning band?

    A:”To make a sound.”-Rafael

      “Make a sound.”-Emme


    Q:What was your favorite part over all the years?

    A:”Going to the elementary schools.”-Rafael