By Emme W

A lot of students love school dances. They’re loud, fun, exciting and you always get to see your friends. But what could be changed to make the dances better? Eric and I, Emme, went around the school and asked students about the dances. We asked about their favorite things, what they might change and what they didn’t like the dances. We got a lot of different responses.

The first person we interviewed was Emma H. “I love to go see my friends.” Emma had said when we asked her about her favorite part of the dance. She thinks that the school should change the dances to have more things to do. She also feels the dances are understaffed and more adults should be added.

Next, we interviewed Rafael A. He said, “I think the dance competitions are the best part of the dances.” We asked him what he didn’t like and what he wanted to change but he did not give any comment.

Feeling a little low on people’s opinions, we went to Ms.Mickus’s classroom. There, we interviewed Jayden M. and Riley G.

Riley’s favorite thing about the dances are being with friends. She said that if she had the power to, she wouldn’t change anything about them.

Jayden’s favorite part of the dances is the time she gets to hang out. She claims there should be better music and less lights.

A lot of people love the dances because of the way it lets them connect with their friends. The only gripes that anyone we interviewed had was the lack of staff and bad music.