Have you ever been talking to your teacher and they say “Can you hold on a second, I have to go do something.” Or tells you that you need to leave during passing period so they can do ‘something’? Well, a lot of teachers have sent in what they do when you aren’t there to see them. So, Sidney and I have surveyed some students on what they thought they did when alone at school. Our results are below.

This Is What The Teachers Told Us That The Do When They Are Alone:

Mrs. Brown– Return calls and emails to parents.

Principal Paton– Play loud music–and I just might dance!

Mrs Swayne- I play music I can’t play when the kids are in the room.  Sometimes I even sing along and dance.  Ok, not sometimes, but most of the time!

Mrs Martinez– Put on lip gloss.

Mr. Burkhardt- Discuss what we did over the weekend.

Plan how we can start an 80’s rock band

back flips and cartwheels

Daydream about winning the lottery

We sneak into the hidden passages under mountain view, known only to the secret fraternity of teachers.

Mr. Gallagher– Pushups

Mr Mclay– Build space ships

Ms Jenkins- Blow my nose, adjust my clothes, eat a quick snack

Mrs. Holman- I talk to myself, a lot and loudly.

Mrs. Raz- whistle, skip, and sometimes dance

Ms. Angelel- I like to dance, laugh with other teachers, watch the people over the library (not stalking..just observe what’s going on), and enjoy the peace of walking alone.

These Are Some Of The Students’ Guesses:

Mr. Rogers: Hangs around and grades papers.

Mr. Alpert: Dances alone.

Becomes Batman.

Has amazingness stored into his coffee cups.

Listens to A.C. D.C.

Mrs. Brown: Thinks of what she can do better.

Mrs. Swayne: Listens to ‘interesting’ music.

Mr. Gallagher: Listens to music and drums along.

Looks up pictures to put on his wall.

Mr. Burkhart: Plays Candy Crush.

Mrs. Holman: grades papers and watches silly cat videos.

Ms. Mickus: Works on papers.

Ms. Holden: Searches up sea turtle and polar bear pictures.