This Friday during first period, you will be selecting your new Enrichment classes for 3rd quarter-take a look at the offerings!

1.Basic Cooking $10 (Holden)

2.3D Printing $10 (Long)

3.Harry Potter (Holman)

4.Beginning Guitar (O’Doherty)

5.Wildcat pride (Mclay)

6.Woodshop $10 (Rogers)

7.Board games  (Swayne)

8.Homemade crafts $10 (Topf & Buck)

9.Drawing basics (Wells)

10.The new you (Brown)

11.Newspaper/blog (Jin)

12.Comics (Allen)

13.Study Hall (Raz)

14.Coloring (Fredrickson)

15.Intramurals (Converse,Stockner,Reynolds)

16.Music Videos (Mallory)


18.Cubing $5 (Alpert)

19.DIY $10 (Angelel)

20.Champions of Steam (Hanson)