What can you learn from a baby pig?

By: Ruby W.

If you are super hot on a super duper hot day, then I suggest getting some ice cream! But before you start eating some ice cream, remember, VANILLA ICE CREAM SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. Turns out it’s poisonous to pigs (oh wait, you’re not a pig…). I prefer chocolate caramel cream cookie gummy bear brussel sprout (and yes that is one whole flavor). Blue is my favorite color so I suggest getting a blue picnic table with an ice cream holder and a 6 inch umbrella to shade your pink ears. I don’t like my ice cream when it doesn’t melt, so I suggest eating it on a 500 degree day, but as long as it is hot outside your ice cream will be fine. One last thing, remember to give your ice cream a BIG kiss before you eat it. Thanks for reading!


What can you learn from a baby leopard? 

BY: Elaine G.

.Image result for baby leopard pulling tail


Hi I’m Spot the playful and tail pulling baby leopard!

Remember to never push your mom’s buttons by pulling her tail. If you pull her tail she will get very mad, and attack you, but playfully. I pull my mom’s tail a lot and she gets mad, if you like pulling your mom’s tail then you need to find another hobby, because pulling tails IS MY THING.. (oh wait you are probably not a leopard..) If you like to pull tails I would suggest you go play with butterflies.

Thanks for reading!


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How cute is this baby panda?

By: Alexis B.

Do you think that this baby panda is cute?

I know this panda is cute but I hope you know this animal is endangered to the world and there is such a little of them that we need to stop trying to take them from their habitat. So this article is about top four  reasons why pandas are endangered.

1.Poaching-The pandas are classified as endangered species and are primarily threatened by their habitat destruction and low birth rate

2.Habitat loss-The natural habitats of pandas are in mountain that are dominated by large fir trees

3.Selective mating- Pandas are very choosy their mates and the females are only receptive for a few days.

4.Insufficient lowland forests- For the reason that there are not enough lowland forests, giant pandas couldn’t migrate elsewhere.

well that is why pandas are endangered.