By Zoe and Ava


Did you get a chance to watch Super Bowl 50?  If so, who were you cheering for? The Carolina Panthers with Cam Newton, or the Denver Broncos with Peyton Manning. We asked some teachers and students to get their opinions.

Who were you cheering for and why??

What’s your favorite college or pro football team and why?

Mr. Dale:

~“Rooting for the Broncos because I wanted to see the quarterback win, and I had a bet with Mr. Stockner for one dollar.” (Mr. Dale won.)



~“ Both. Panthers because I like the mascot. Broncos because they won.”

~”49ers. I like their uniforms and my dad roots for them. I also have three jerseys.”


~“Broncos. Always been #1 team since I was a little girl and I always looked up to Peyton. I wanted him to win his last game.”


Mr. Reynolds:

~“Broncos. Mainly for the owner because he is very sick and I wanted him to win before he passed away.”

~”49ers because I was born in the bay area. They’ve been my team for 50 years.”

Mrs. Hanson:

~“Carolina. I had a bet with my husband that he would dress my daughter for a week. I obviously lost.”

~”Anyone who is winning. I don’t really watch football. I only watch it if it’s entertaining.”

Mrs. Topf:

~“No one. I like food, family, and friends.”



~“Panthers because I don’t like Peyton Manning.”

~”Ducks because that is what my dad likes.”

Mrs. Leffler:

~“Broncos because they are on the west coast, and I like Peyton Manning.”

~“Beavers OSU. I don’t watch pro.”

Mr. Long:

~“Didn’t care. I didn’t like any of the teams.”

~”Oregon State because I don’t care about the pro’s.”

Mr. Alpert

~”Broncos. It’s a long answer to answer why, but I don’t like Cam Newton.”

~”Texas Aggies because I went to school there.”