Read this article before you give up reading!!!


Love reading but don’t know what to read? You might want to try something new, such as a different genre. Say that you normally read mystery, but aren’t in the mood for that, try something like action. It still leaves you on the edge of your seat, But is faster paced than a mystery, ( and is my personal favorite.) Maybe try something like an autobiography, or even a biography, sometimes reading about someone else’s life can not only be fun, but give you some insight to what it was like in the past.

    Also you might want to pay attention to what other people are reading. Odds are that if it’s popular, it’s good. Try this link: and find out whats popular. This may give you an idea about what to read. Also you may find that reading about something you passionate about such as: music, art, dance, that you may actually enjoy reading.

Don’t decide that you don’t like reading before you give it a shot. A lot of people give up on reading because they “Aren’t good at it,” But in order to be “good” at something you have to practice at it. My Mom suggested something that I have been doing for years, and that is:  you start out with an easy book, read it, then get a harder book and read it. Then go back to an easier one. Then keep repeating this process, and each time move up each book a little harder, and see how that works for you… It worked for me.