The Oscars 2016

By:Alexis B. and Elaine G.

If you didn’t see the Oscars then this is a document for you. Here are some people who won last night on the Oscars.

Image result for leonardo dicaprioLeonardo DiCaprio -Best Actor

Brie Larson – Best Actress

Image result for alicia vikanderAlicia Vickander -Best Supporting Actress

   Image result for alejandro gonzález iñárrituAlejandro Gonzalez Inarritu -Best Director

Image result for The big short The Big Short -Best Writing Adapted Screenplay       Image result for Inside outInside Out -Best Animation Feature Film

So the next time the Oscars come on 2017 make sure you watch the Oscars. If you want to see who wins Best Actor or Actress then watch the Oscars in 2017. In the comments below guess who you think will win for Best Actor or Actress in 2017.