Think being a teacher’s aide would be fun?   We interviewed a few teachers’ aides about their jobs and here’s what we found out:


What’s your favorite part of being an aid?

  1. Interacting with students  -Brown
  2. Putting Grades in the gradebook  –Long
  3. Relaxing -Swayne

What would be your superpower while being an aid?

  1. Grading papers -Long
  2. Kids be quiet -Brown
  3. Make the period go by faster -Swayne

What’s your least favorite part?

  1. Grading papers -Long
  2. Handing papers to students -Swayne
  3. Being an aid -Brown


Who else would you  aid for?

  1. Mrs.Swayne  -Long
  2. Mrs. Privette  -Brown
  3. Mr. Long -Swayne


On a scale of 1-10 how hungry are you?

  1. 8 -Swayne
  2. Always  -Long
  3. 10,000 -Brown