A couple of weeks before spring break, I interviewed some of the students in Mrs.  7th period board games class to see what they think of the class. Here are some of  the questions that I ask and some their responses.


  1. What  is your favorite part of this class?

Kierra L. said that she enjoys organising games.

Jonathan J. said that he likes this class because they can, “do whatever they want.”

My little sister, Savannah-Rose R. said, in quote “Chess.” So, she obviously likes chess.

Alexis C. said that she enjoys the card games, and

Zachariah L. said that he enjoys the board games.

  1. Why did you take this class?

Kierra said that she took this class because she “loves Mrs. Swayne.” I have to agree that Mrs. Swayne is a really cool teacher.

Jonathan said that he wanted to have fun, and that his friends were taking this class so he decided to join this class. Both Zach and Savannah-Rose wanted to be in board games for the games. Savannah-Rose was particularly think of chess.

  1. Is there anything that could be better about this class?

Kierra says that if there were no eighth grade boys, and Savannah-Rose agreed that if there were less boys it would be better.

  1. Who is your favorite opponent?

Well, Alexis doesn’t have a favorite opponent and Jonathan says that every one is his favorite to play against. However, Zach said that his favorite opponent is Kierra, and Savannah-Rose said that her favorite opponent is her friend Tatiana, and guess what. They play chess.

  1. What is your games strategy?

Kierra says that her strategy is to not lose, and Jonathan says that he watches other people and what they do wrong and he earns from that. Also, both Alexis and Savannah-Rose say that their strategy  varies depending on what game they are playing.

I also found that they play many different type of games such as War and Baloney sandwich, both of these games are card games. They also had a scavenger hunt, where they went around the school and had to find different things the first group to find everything wins. They also played some more common games such as Sorry and Chess.

So, this is what’s up in Board games, maybe you would like to play a game too.