I interviewed students and teachers this week and asked them what pranks they’ve pulled or if they’ve ever had someone pull a prank on them. These are the answers we got! These may also be helpful ideas!


Q: What prank have been pulled on you? Or have you pulled?

Halle:  Halles dad pretended to shrink her shoe and shake a soda bottle which then sprayed all over her!

Marisa: Marisa told people her nose has a big disease which is why it was all bloody

Swayne: A few years ago Mrs. Swayne  said that the 7th grade classes had to retest because all the tests had gotten lost, then the whole school got in on it.

Maile: Maile put a rubber band on the sink faucet so it would spray on anyone who turned it on.

Crystal: Crystal’s mom said they were moving away from Newberg to another state.

Hailey: Hailey put glue on her hand and let it sit for a while then told her mom her skin was peeling and peeled the glue off.

Jin: Mrs. Jin would prank her mom every year and put a rubber band on the faucet which would spray her mom.

Maggie: Maggie put ketchup on her nose and pretended it was blood, it didn’t work.