Prince: A documentary

Many have heard of Prince. Many have listened to his music. Here is a post in honor of Prince.

Prince (also known as Prince Rogers Nelson) died today at 57 years old. Little truly know the cause of his death, but one theory is that he caught some kind of flu. Don’t know who Prince is? Maybe you’ll know some of his songs.In the comments below, tell me your favorite Prince song. Here is a list of Prince’s most popular songs along with the year they were made:


  • When Doves Cry 1984
  • Let’s Go Crazy 1986
  • Batdance 1989

  • Raspberry Beret 1985
  • U Got the Look 1987
  • Purple Rain 1984
  • The Most Beautiful Girl in the World 1994
  • Little Red Corvette 1983
  • Diamonds and Pearls 1992
  • Thieves in the Temple
  • Pop Life 1985
  • Delirious 1983
  • I Would Die 4 U 1985
  • Seven 1993
  • Alphabet St. 1988


    • (Party like it’s)1999 1983


  • Partyman 1989

  • Mountains 1986
  • Take Me With You 1985


and many more. Prince was a pop sensation that really climbed to the top of the charts and became the most popular in 1984. Rest in peace, Prince. We love you.

By: Tatiana L.