Hi my name is Little Noodle. I’m a baby goat as you can tell. I don’t know why my mom decided to call me Little Noodle. Maybe it’s the fact that i like to roll on the ground all the time. That’s my favorite thing to do in the meantime, my brothers and sisters don’t understand me. The humans look at me in awe all the time and I just stare back. Maybe I should stop doing that and just roll on the ground some more until they go away. Did you know that I’m the most active of my little family? I love to do things with my brother Little Hoof and my sister Little leaf. Our Mom chose some weird names so i guess we’re a family of Littles! I like my family and you should like yours too! Be sure to give them a big hug! It helps that I have brothers and sisters because i’m a very social animal! I love making friends! Even though we run into many things we all have very good coordination. I know hard to believe right? I recognized my mommies bleet really soon after i was born! Anyway i’m going to go roll in some more grass! See ya later!

Lizzie D