Beefy is a cat. Beefy is orange with a white chest. The reason why Beefy is so important is because he is Beefy. I even made a song about him. It goes, “Beefy Beefy Beefy, Beefy is Beefy, Beefy Beefy Beefy, Beefy makes you Beefy, Beefy Beefy Beefy, Beefy is so Beefy.” Wasn’t that just fabulous? The reason why he is fabulous is because Beefy is AMAZING!!! When I was two and a half, I got Beefy from my neighbor. His name was originally Beastly, but I couldn’t say that. I said Beefy instead!! That’s why he’s called Beefy. Beefy is the best cat ever.