Do you like video games? Not everyone does but that’s okay!! There are many different kinds of games like educational games, fun games, and more! A few of my favorite games is Minecraft and Star Stable. Minecraft is a game of skills. Sort of, but it’s completely made of blocks, which can make the pigs, cows, sheep, horses and bats look adorable! Some people think games like these are made just for boys, but NOPE!!! Anyone can play this game but it must be bought. It’s not free. I wish it was. Star Stable is a game mainly for girls. How can you tell? Well when you log onto Star Stable or get an account you make a girl character! If you really love horses here’s a game for you! Even if you’re a boy you can still make an account! It’s filled with fun adventures and quests, it has dangerous places to go to like Dark Core. If you want to find out more about these games go to for Minecraft and for Star Stable! Have a fun time playing games!

Lizzie D