Memorial Day is coming up this month. For those of you who don’t know what or when memorial day is, here are some facts about it for you.


  • Memorial Day is on May 30th this year(also my sister’s birthday)


  • Memorial Day is always celebrated on the last Monday of May


  • Memorial Day celebrates people who died serving our country


  • Memorial Day is a federal holiday


  • Memorial Day used to be called “Decoration Day”


  • Memorial Day originated after the American Civil War in Decatur, Illinois 1868


  • Memorial Day marks the beginning of Summer break season  and Labor Day marks the end


  • Memorial day will be held on May 29th next year


I hope you get the jest of what Memorial Day is about and if you have had any people who served for our country, dead or alive, be sure to tell them thank you for your service.

By:Tatiana L.