Magic The Gathering is a great card game where you have to get the other opponent from 20 to 0. and that’s not all you have to do. You have to defend yourself to win. With defending yourself you also have stuff like sorcery,instants, so sorcery is magic that you can only use on your turn.

And instants are magic that you can use on any turn. That’s all for sorcery and instants. But

there are abilities such as reach,flying,defender,deathtouch,double strike,first strike,haste,flash,

and a bunch MORE!!!(by the way you can find more at ) I’m not not gonna go through all of them but some. Let’s start with reach. With reach you can hit creatures with flying but still be blocked by land characters. Now flying just means you can’t be blocked by land characters. And defender means that creature can’t attack. Deathtouch is next on our list and that means if it is blocked or it blocks it kills it. Double strike means your attack will do double damage. And that’s it for now thanks!!! (by the way you can find magic at target,walmart,game star and other stores)

Tip #1: Always read the instructions before playing.

Tip #2: Make sure you shuffle your deck well just to make sure you have amount good amount of mana on the battlefield.

Tip #3: Always have a one/two mana creature in hand.

Tip #4: Save a card just in case.

Tip #5: Put artifacts in your deck.

Tip #6: Never put more than 2 different types of mana in your deck.

Tip #7:Don’t put too many mana in your deck like me.

Tip #8:Don’t put too many high mana creatures in your deck.

Tip #9:Don’t have every color in deck unless you’re above novice.

Tip #10: Always have at least three mana in hand.