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Did you know….

  • Goats can eat poison ivy and not get sick                    Image result for goats
  • Pets can get jealous if you show affection to another person  Image result for jealous husky dog

  • Soldiers in germany can disobey a command if they think it affects human dignity (only in german)


Image result for german soldiers disobey command

  • Two hours of silence a day can promote brain cellsImage result for brain cells
  • Paris bombing happened on friday 13th                 Image result for friday the 13th
  • Hugging for 20 seconds can increase your trust in another personImage result for hug
  • Kit kats are very popular in japan                              Image result for japan kitkat
  • There’s a group of japanese women called KBG84, it’s made up of 40 grandmas, most of them are nearly 100                                          Image result for KBG84


  • A horse’s nose bleed can look like a crime scene                      Image result for nose bleed horse
  • Nazi germany had the biggest anti-smoking campaign   Image result for german smoking