By: Amanda G. and Emma G.


We went around the school and asked some students what they were looking forward to for this year, what their favorite part was, and what they’re looking forward to for next year.


For our first question was, “What were you most excited for about this year?”

Erika R. said, “The boys,” and Halle H. and Maddie M. talked about the band trip to Bullwinkle’s and summer. A lot of students, like Gavin R., were already excited about leaving school!


Our next question was, “What was the best part of this year?”

“Hanging out with friends again,” said Carter S., Daniel B., Corban M., and Conner C. A couple kids (Jaine, Caitlyn T., Noell., and Andrew) said the thing they enjoyed the most was dancing at the dances. Erika R. said, “I was excited about finally getting a boyfriend!” “I really enjoyed the enrichment classes this year,” Solana T. and Chloe M. claimed.


Our last question was, “What are you looking forward to for next year?”

Erika R. said she’s excited for the cute boys, while Kendra L. and Kyndra K. said they’re excited for two electives. Madelyn M. said, “I’m excited for Ms.Fred(rickson) and band.”

Solana T. was is looking forward to the lockers, Mya said she wants to meet new people, and Chloe M. wants to be back in band playing her flute!